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Category / User Experience

Developers love users, too

Gerry Gaffney: First of all, I have to start with a confession. Bless me, Fathers, I haven’t done my homework. I’ll have to extemporize a little bit, but I have thought about what topic I’d like to talk about, but I haven’t sort of written it out extensively, so you’ll have to bear with me […]

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Launch and Leave

Gerry McGovern: So I remember, years ago reading this article about one of the head developers in Gmail and he brought an early version to Larry Page to have a look at it and, and opens it up. And Larry Page immediately says, it’s too slow. And the guy says to him, what do you […]

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Cool tools

Gerry Scullion: Are UX service designers process and method fashionistas? I’ve seen UX and more recently service design evolve over the last 10 years or so and worked with organizations who adopted whatever process was in vogue at that time, be it “design thinking” or “jobs to be done,” even terms like “user experience” or […]

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Dark patterns

Gerry Gaffney: The term “dark pattern” describes an element that’s designed to trick people into doing something that’s either detrimental to them or that they wouldn’t sort of choose to do knowingly. Usually we’re talking about, you know, online things, websites and apps and so on. But of course that sort of manipulation of people’s behaviour […]

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Hamburger Menus

Gerry McGovern: 00:00 Yesterday I was driving from Dublin to Carlow, so come with me on that drive for a moment and imagine we’re driving down the motorway and there’s no signs, but instead there’s little boxes every 10 kilometres or whatever at the side of the road and they’ve got a hamburger sign on […]

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